10 Things Only Skinny Girls Understand


There are some things only skinny girls understand. Here are just to name a few I face:


  1. People asking “do you eat?” and telling you to eat something.
  2. Hearing people would “love to have your problem” and that you have no reason to be insecure or complain because you’re skinny.
  3. Not able to donate blood because you don’t reach the minimum weight requirement.
  4. People saying they’re scared to hug you because they might break you.
  5. Being told to be careful in a windy golf course because you might just fly away.
  6. Wearing the same bra size you wore in middle school.
  7. No one believing when you say you love food and you eat a lot.
  8. People asking why you workout, as if being skinny means you’re automatically healthy
  9. Having to wear double sided tapes under your tube dress just to keep it up.
  10. Not being able to gain weight no matter what you do, and people rolling their eyes when you voice this frustration to them.

These are just a few things that only skinny girls understand. I’m lucky to be naturally skinny and it’s ok to laugh at all the experiences we skinny girls face. Give a shout out if you can relate 🙂


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