Short Girl Problems


Short girls are cute, but there are problems only short girls can understand. Short girl problems happen to me on a regular basis and I find them very amusing. Here are a few you (cute short/petite/tiny girls) might relate to:


  1. Not able to reach high shelves in the grocery store. Having your legs go numb while sitting because your feet can’t reach the floor.
  2. Not able to wear real skinny jeans because after you cut the bottom part to match your height, the knee area became your ankle area.
  3. Having to buy miniskirts in the kids section or at a shop for bar girls.
  4. Becoming your friend’s armrest while walking side by side.
  5. Hoping no tall person sits in front of you in the theater.
  6. Not able to ride certain dangerous rides at the amusement park because you didn’t reach the minimum height.
  7. Being a supermodel is out of the question.
  8. No able to get your own luggage from the overhead compartment.
  9. Most adult dresses become maxi dresses.
  10. Almost kissing the steering wheel while driving just so you can reach the pedals.

And here are a few funny memes I like:


7c7d52e41f886efc1117d14585a0a7b8 11203197_1419318021721463_619199457_n car+problems+crazyladder gvHdjvR short-girl-problems

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