Reduce Stress with Coloring Books

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Do you remember how fun it was to color books when you were young? Do you know that you can reduce stress with coloring books?


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I’m talking about those beautiful intricate coloring books for adults. There are many coloring books available in the market. They are fun to color and they actually can reduce your stress level too.

Research shows this form of therapy often has tangible results. One 2006 study, for example, found that mindfulness art therapy for women with cancer helped to significantly decrease symptoms of physical and emotional distress during treatment.

Another study from the same year concluded that after only one hour of art therapy, adult cancer patients of all ages “overwhelmingly expressed comfort” and a desire to continue with the therapy.

It’s not just those with cancer that can benefit from the visual arts, either. Art therapy is also helpful among people dealing with a variety of other conditions, such as depression, dementia, anxiety, and PTSD.

So what’s going on when we color? What benefits do we get by coloring?


  1. It helps you focus. Inability to focus is one of the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Coloring will help you gain your power to focus.
  2. It elicits a relaxing mindset.  Like mediation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment.
  3. It stabilizes your heart rate. As you are more relaxed, your heart rate will also stabilizes.
  4. It puts you in a better mood. Concentrating on coloring an image may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones.
  5. It stimulates the same part of your brain  that stops any anxiety-related mental imagery happening.

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So who’s up for coloring? I have a few coloring books I would like to recommend. They are available on Amazon and are very affordable! Their intricate detailed designs will keep your mind off negativity and start getting creative!


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