Disturbing A4 Waist Trend


Anyone ever heard of the A4 waist trend that is going around in China? It’s a bizarre new trend where girls challenge each other to have a teeny weeny waist that can fit behind an A4 paper.



An A4 paper has a width of just 21 centimeters; which means whoever can cover their waist with an A4 paper, has a waist no more than 21 cm.

Thousands of social media users have taken to China’s version of Twitter, Weibo, to share their snaps and comment about this fad.


a4-waist a4waist_challenge_160316_620_495_100

Women have been showing their skinny credentials by tucking a piece of paper down the back of their jeans or skirt, showing that the slim waist fad is a healthy and attainable aim. One Weibo user went as far as to boast that “I’m a size smaller than A4. I’m A5”.

I am a naturally skinny petite and short girl, and I still cannot really fit my whole waist behind an A4 paper! I’m only 150 cm tall and 38 kg. I am TINY. You can see from my photo below, some part of my waist still can be seen.




From what I can see from the pictures, these girls are most likely taller and heavier than me….and still their waist is smaller than mine.

This is insane! Why are women and girls creating all these dangerous fads or challenges for each other? Is this A4 waist trend aiming at the dangerously unhealthy body image?

What do you ladies think?


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